19 February 2021 - di

Before leaving

Why are we here? What are we thinking of while crossing a square and looking down, step by step? What can distinguish us from the anonymous crowd we meet? We are not just passing.

We want to draw up a journal. We are here to share a journey. 

Month by month, overlooking the world from our small window, we will visit urban spaces and vacation ones. We will go across showrooms and back-stages. We will go through the history of our footwear tradition. Then quickly reach the fervent craft workshop where expert artisans are working on new collections.  Sometimes we will slow down, only if curiosity catches our attention.  

Before leaving..the goal was fixed. We are here to talk about differences far and wide, about styles and trends and much more;  choosing how to dress a foot is not just a matter of aesthetics, of comfort, it is an imprint of personality that we wish to portray. 

Before leaving..pack the essentials. We will recommend the footwear styles that best suit different temperaments and foot shapes. We will tell you when and which is the right look to show off a nude sandal or a slave one, a geometric slipper or a squared upper. 

Before is already unforgettable. We will tell you about some days spent in a crowded square, we will tell you about an imprint left. Easy-going, carefree, sophisticated. Original, wild, uninhibited. Sporty, unrderstated, border-line. 

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