26 July 2021 - di

Milan sea view


Longing for a vacation in the city. Let’s choose a mini dress for the day, in the color of bougainvillea. And under a clear sky, which opens up horizons, it will take us to the alleys of Santorini. For the evening, a long revival dress in floral or exotic, boho-chic prints. Even the metropolitan views, if they dress up in summer, give a holiday atmosphere to those who stay. 

Milan by day, immersed in Corso Buenos Aires, is hit and run urban rush, feet traveling fast between scooters and vehicles that, inexorably, run away and leave breathless passengers waiting, smartphone in hand. From the office on the top floor of the tower overlooking the business district, it is a glassed-in balcony overlooking – far and away – the most emerald green of tropical atolls. There are sunglasses beside the desk. 

Let’s free the will to go. Feminine sandals with optical cuts for the work look. A gladiator model, with a comfortable leather insole, gives the fit a natural comfort. It is a timeless classic, which discreetly adapts to any context, without, however, going unnoticed. The designers of Antichi Romani have given back to this traditional Mediterranean shoe its appeal, in a contemporary key. 


For the super busy man, who languishes even during a coffee break due to lack of relaxation, Urban Grunge is a must. A tightly woven sandal, which keeps the foot covered in the office but gives it breath, and then protects it in the return traffic. The super-soft Nappa leather insole, combined with the para sole, promises a plush step. Ready for the canals. By night, the capital of fashion and business is a party city. Siesta style of the Ramblas of Barcelona. Bridges crossed, from time to time, by solo couples. Fan think of the Grand Canal.

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