Frequent questions / How to return

How to return

Returning items is possible by filling the form below in detail. After completion, the company will process the request and will send you the courier; for a faster return management, we advise you to put the purchase receipt inside the box, please keep a copy of it for you or take a photo of it before. In case of any difficulty in processing your return, the company will contact you.  Free return is allowed only to Italian customers, all foreign customers have to pay the return shipping costs . The deadline for a return is 10 working days. 

 Pay attention to the following instructions before returning:

  • the items do not have to be damaged or dirty because of use;
  • in the specific case of footwear, the soles have to be clean;
  • the products must be returned into their original box with the paper that wrapped them;
  • in the event that the box or the paper have been damaged, use a box having a similar size and take care to pack the product carefully;
  • if you use a box much wider than the original, you will be charged for the transport cost difference; 
  • the refund will take place only upon receipt and verification of the returned goods;
  • For foreign countries returns, shipping costs will be deducted from the refund. 

Fill the form to return.

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