Frequent questions / Shopping Guide

Shopping Guide

  1. After choosing the item, select a size clicking on “choose a size” and then add to the bag. 
  2. Add other items in the same way or click on “go on”
  3. After clicking on “go on”, a payment area will dispay with all your order’s details; the payment area will ask you to fill a form with all information needed for a correct invoincing and delivery. 
  4. Confirm your delivery address. In case of different delivery address from invoiving address, pay attention to flag the box “deliver to a different address”; then, write the delivery different address in the field “notes about the order” adding the exact name the courier will find on the doorbell;
  5. Choose the payment way you want to use;
  6. After choosing the payment way to use, you will be directed to the final page with all your data review and the expected delivery date. If you have a discount code to use, please select the field to insert it. 
  7. To end the order procedure click on “buy” .

Once the order is closed, you will receive a confirmation mail to the email address you gave when you registered. If you don’t find the confirmation email, check your spam folder. You can check all details about your order even logging directly in to your account. 

Adding other items will be not possible once the order is closed.  If you want, you can place a new order. 

Once the order is closed, it is not possible to modify the delivery address. 

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